For over 55 years, Supersprint continues being, without compromise, the worldwide market leader for its real performance and high quality exhaust systems. 

Supersprint designs, develop and manufactures complete exhaust systems for the widest car range, ranging from the small 4 cylinder Fiat 500 to the 12 cylinder Ferrari Scaglietti. Particular focus is laid on sport cars such as BMW with its M engines, AMG Mercedes, Audi, VW but Mitsubishi Evo, Subaru Impreza and super cars like Ferrari, Maserati and the whole Porsche range including the new GT2 and GT3.
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Supersprint’s commitment to quality involves every phase of development: Supersprint’s products are designed for performance and sound. That is the company’s philosophy.
Every Supersprint exhaust system has been researched, designed and tested to insure additional power and to enhance overall performance. All designs are validated by extensive dyno testing on Supersprint's Maha 4-wheel chassis dynamometer. In fact no other exhaust manufacturer, race team engine testing department or car manufacturer has the performance evaluating experience of Supersprint.
The Supersprint dyno performs over 1,000 test runs a year on a full range of automotive brands. We evaluate each manufacturer’s sports car models and all engine versions available.

Supersprint is the tuners choice when it comes to manufacturing exhaust systems, as there is no compromise on quality and power development through a performance optimised Supersprint exhaust system.

"This includes; 4 cylinder, V8, V10 and V12 engines with peak power ratings ranging from 4,000 to 9,000 RPM. Engines with 2,3,4 & 5 valve head designs, turbochargers, superchargers are tested as are normally aspirated, factory stock, and heavily modified engines. From the diminutive 54 hp. Fiat Cinquecento Sporting, 490 Hp modified “fire breathing” Dodge Viper, to the 4 wheel drive Subaru Impreza and Mitsubishi Lancer 2.0 litre rally race cars, Supersprint has experience designing and building the worlds highest quality exhaust components."


BMW E71 X6 M V8 Bi-Turbo (555 Hp) 2010 –› Exhaust system

BMW E92 Coupé M3 4.0 V8 (Racing system) '07 –› Exhaust system

AUDI A5 Sportback QUATTRO 2.0 TFSI (211Hp) '09 –› Exhaust system